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Honoring the Doughboys: Following My Grandfather’s World War I Diary was released in August 2014. It is a stunning presentation of photographs that have been paired with diary entries written by the author’s grandfather during World War I. This image-rich tour of European landscapes, battlefields, and monuments offers the reader an experience that is at once an intimate reliving of George A. Carlson’s time as a doughboy, as well as a moving expression of gratitude to all veterans of the World Wars.

“Jeff Lowdermilk has made a significant contribution to the public memory of World War I. By combining the straightforward narrative of his grandfather, George A. Carlson, with his stunning photographs of memorials and landscapes associated with the war, Lowdermilk has captured the sense of courage and sacrifice of that epochal moment in world history. In his introduction, he reminds us that, because the American role was relatively brief, this war is often overlooked in our history books. Because of his passionate dedication to this subject, the valorous service of his grandfather and all the grandfathers—including my own—who fought to defend freedom will not be forgotten.”

Brent D. Glass, Ph.D.
Director Emeritus
National Museum of American History
Smithsonian Institution

“Jeff Lowdermilk has done more than provide a civic service – remembering the thousands of American doughboys who fought and died for freedom on the fields of France and Belgium in 1918. He has done more than give us a personal testament to his grandfather’s bravery, memory, and the heartfelt relationship between a young man and his wise elder.  He has given us a work of art.  Lowdermilk’s achingly beautiful photographs of the graves, monuments, and fields of valor of the American Expeditionary Forces cannot fail to impress the reader with the heroism of a generation of Americans long and wrongfully forgotten. May his grandfather’s words and his spectacular photographic vision move you as much as they have moved me.”

Bruce C. McKenna
Screenwriter for Band of Brothers
Creator, Producer and Writer of The Pacific

Saluting America’s World War I Heroes is a historical and dedicatory piece centered around Jeff’s experiences at the 87th Anniversary of the Armistice.  Through beautiful, real-to-life photographs and supplemental historical storytelling, Jeff paints a picture of the thriving community that seeks to honor the sacrifices of our country’s war heroes. Please view below by clicking on the bar below the book or turning the pages by clicking and holding the upper right hand corner of the book.