Normandy, June 5, Part 1

  Omaha Beach, Furthest eastern extent of Omaha Beach, Code Name: Fox Red             This section of beach was secured by the First Division – the Big Red One. 

To honor my friend, CSM Bill Ryan, I placed flowers and a small American flag at the base of the First Division Monument overlooking Omaha Beach.  Bill passed away in Feburary of this year.  Bill was wounded on the first assault wave on D- Day morning.  He was in the 16th Infantry Regiment of the Big Red One.  

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About Jeff Lowdermilk

I have traveled to Europe several times over the last few years to follow my grandfather's path as detailed in his World War I diary. My grandfather was an American Infantryman who survived the war. This has been an adventurous journey of self-exploration. The friends I have made along the way and experiences gained have greatly enriched my life