Memorial Day – Lafayette Escadrille Monument


US Air Force Color Guard Team with Old Glory, the French Tri-Color, and the US Air Force Flag


Lafayette Escadrille Memorial

2013 5 25

Memorial Day Ceremony at the Lafayette Escadrille Monument, fifteen miles SW of Paris.

In 1916, a year before the United States entered the war, young American men began joining the French flying corps.  To honor the Marque de Lafayette, they formed the Lafayette Escadrille (squadron).  Just as Lafayette aided the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, these courageous Americans came to France’s aid during the Great War.  Many of the flyers are entombed underneath the monument.

The Lafayette Escadrille is the very bedrock of the United States Air Force.

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I have traveled to Europe several times over the last few years to follow my grandfather's path as detailed in his World War I diary. My grandfather was an American Infantryman who survived the war. This has been an adventurous journey of self-exploration. The friends I have made along the way and experiences gained have greatly enriched my life

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  1. Quiles

    Jeff, mon ami, je suis en admiration pour ton dévouement à ton grand père et à tous ces frères d’armes venu comme Lafayette, redonner la liberté aux opprimés.
    Un ami très cher, Michel. Président AFAM of D-Day.

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