90th Anniversary Ceremonies, Saint Mihiel Offensive, Sept. 13, 2008

Incroyable Mais Vrai!

The rainy day had non-stop ceremonies. The photos (from the top down) represent a few of the day’s highlights.

1) The first ceremony was in the village of Fliery, which was on the the front lines.

2) At the reception (Vin d’honneur) following the initial ceremony the first person I met was Helen Patton-Plusczyk. Yes, she is the granddaughter of General George S. Patton and lives in Germany. Her grandfather, then a young Colonel, commanded the first American tank battle during the offensive. As we talked an older gentleman walked up to say hello to his friend Helen. She then introduced him to me. His name, Remi Foch, great-grandson of Marshall Foch, who commanded the French and Allied armies during the war. In the chain of command General John J. Pershing reported to Marshal Foch. The depth and scope of history these two represent is astounding!

3) The first official illumination of the American Montsec Monument. This magnificent monument commemorates the American sacrifice at the Saint Mihiel Offensive. The clouds and rain made it mystical!

4) The last event was a slide show and fireworks display. The slide show was about the American experience in WWI and was masterful! The fireworks – Spectacular!

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I have traveled to Europe several times over the last few years to follow my grandfather's path as detailed in his World War I diary. My grandfather was an American Infantryman who survived the war. This has been an adventurous journey of self-exploration. The friends I have made along the way and experiences gained have greatly enriched my life

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  1. renie

    Absolutely gorgeous shots; the domed building shot is just stunning – great images/words! You’re doing all the good over there!

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