HDB final front jacketHONORING THE DOUGHBOYS: Following My Grandfather’s World War I Diary with a foreward by Helen Patton


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Amazon Book Review by Bonnie Neely, “This is a uniquely beautiful and touching book by a renowned photographer. Jeffrey Lowdermilk inherited his grandfather’s diary from World War I . The hand-written book details the places and the terrible battles of the many he was in while a doughboy soldier. Jeffrey, who had loved to read about World War I history since he was a young reader, became fascinated by the diary and decided to go as a photographer to the places described in such detail and try to follow his heroic grandfather’s footsteps and learn more from experiencing the places and people. He traveled extensively through France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany where his grandfather, George A Carlson, had served with the American Expeditionary Forces. He met many of the veteran soldiers from that period of history and became friendly, eliciting their stories about those times also, helping Jeffrey to make the history more real and personal. He used his skills as photographer to make images of the places, the cemeteries, bridges, buildings, landscapes where these battles had taken place, as well as pictures of the many re-enactments that take place from time to time now. The touching foreword is written by Helen Patton, the granddaughter of the same doughboy soldier. I believe this book is a moving portrait of the history of about a century ago, when the world was so troubled. Anyone interested in history will find this book very touching and worthwhile because it truly makes history come alive in an unforgettable way.

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Jeff Lowdermilk is a writer, photographer, lecturer, and student of the First and Second World Wars. He has traveled extensively throughout Europe, documenting the path detailed in his grandfather’s World War I diary. Jeff is the author of two books, HONORING THE DOUGHBOYS: Following My Grandfather’s World War I Diary and Saluting America’s World War I Heroes, in which he shares stories and photographs from his adventures.

His photographs have been displayed as a solo exhibit at the National WWI Museum in Kansas City, and were also featured in the 2010 Annual Report of the American Battle Monuments Commission. A passionate and creative storyteller, Jeff leads presentations and lectures both at home and abroad that weave together his rich imagery, personal anecdotes, and meticulous historical research.  His most recent presentations took place at the Colorado History Museum, New Mexico History Museum, the New Mexico National Guard, the New Mexico Air National Guard, the National World War I Museum, and at the Utah Beach Museum in Normandy, France.